Miniature English Bulldog Puppies for Sale

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The sweet mini English Bulldog was once a ferocious beast in 13th-century England, but now it is a lovable companion that has been deemed the mascot for many sports teams, companies, and even the US Marine Corps. What has made the teacup bulldog so popular is its strength, tenacity, and attitude that embodies stability. Many associated the jowly canine’s appearance and qualities to Winston Churchill during WWII.
The dignified mini English Bulldog enjoys moderate exercise, but when the heat and humidity are elevated, make sure they are in a cool location; their short muzzle hinders their breathing. An excellent and fun way to beat the heat is to allow your teacup bulldog to wade in shallow water under supervision. When it comes to their health, overheating is the major factor to avoid.
The mini English Bulldog will benefit from socializing with other dogs early on in its life. They are keen chewers, love tug-a-war, and can become protective of their food if they are not taught to share. Despite this, the teacup bulldog is a devoted friend and has an easygoing outlook. Contact us today to learn more about these miniature English Bulldog puppies for sale, or ask us about our upcoming litters to place a special order.