Option one:

Pet Cargo

Your puppy will be shipped to an International Airport closest to you where Pet Cargo is available within 3 to 5 weeks (depending on the destination and current weight of the puppy) only when the final payment on your puppy is completed and confirmed. 

Transportation cost by Pet Cargo is on us for the following mentioned airports: LAX, LAS, MIA, ORD, SFO, SEA, IAD, DFW, ATL, YYZ and YVR.    

An inflight nanny is required if direct Pet Cargo flights are non-available to your city. The inflight nanny cost can vary from a destination to another. We deliver worldwide by nanny.

The Pet Cargo has space in the plane specially designated for pets. This space is safe, pressurized and temperature controlled. Once the flight is booked, you will receive a call from us and from the airline that will be transporting your puppy with full details about the shipping process and how you can pick your puppy at the airline office location. The Pet Cargo option is the most popular way in delivering our puppies. All of our past puppies were delivered promptly and we have never experienced any accidents since we started using this delivery method. Unfortunately, we do NOT ship to Australia, South Africa, Hawaii, or India due to the rules and regulations on dog imports for entering these countries. We do not offer Pet Cargo service outside the USA or Canada.

Option two:

Personal Delivery

The Nanny Service will require extra charges depending on the destination and it is necessary for all non-direct flights or for really tiny puppies(1 lb or less) for a safer journey. Puppies that are 1 lb or less can fly at anytime with a nanny once the export papers are ready. It is mandatory to wait until the puppy's weight is at least 1.5 lbs to fly by pet cargo.

One of our caring and competent nannies will take utmost care of your puppy from pick up to delivery. This service can be booked for the puppy to be delivered to any location. 

Delivery time depends on the availability of the inflight nanny. Please note that our nannies fly on standby and the time of arrival can change without prior notice. Express inflight nanny delivery is available. Ask us for a quote.

Why does the delivery process take 3-5 weeks?

We deliver an all-encompassing quality service. This is why the health status of all our puppies are checked by a governmental vet that will sign and certify the puppy’s health certificate, proof of vaccination and export papers. The puppy's weight must be at least 1.5 lbs to fly with pet cargo. We can only book the puppy’s flight once the governmental vet has signed and certified the puppy’s export paperwork.

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