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Greetings responsible pet owners! Are you excited to meet your new puppy? Of course, you are! Before you do, please remember to read and follow the puppy care checklist below for a safe and healthy transition. Here are the things you need to purchase and do before, on, and after the pickup date:

What to purchase before receiving your puppy:

- Purchase the Royal Canin Puppy starter food for mother and baby dog, making sure it's the same one as on the link below. It's ideal to keep your puppy on this dry food until at least 12 months of age. Make sure that it's the bag with the 3 dogs on the package, as it's very important to get the exact same food.

Royal Canin Puppy Starter Food For Mother and Babydog Click HERE.

- Purchase Tricky Treats, and keep in mind that puppies love the chicken liver-flavoured ones. Note that the treats in North America are different from those in Korea, so you may have to try a couple of different ones before finding the treat your puppy likes. Treats play an important role in training, as the right treats can make training your puppy much easier.

Purchase an open-air playpen, a plastic crate, and a comfortable sleeping pad.

Open Air Playpen Click HERE

Plastic Dog Crate Click HERE

Sleeping Pad Click HERE

- Purchase a shallow food and water bowl, keeping in consideration that your puppy is tiny and needs to reach his/her food. You'll need a bowl for food and one for water.

- Purchase training pee pads with the base, and use an odour attractant spray on them.

Training Pee Pads Click HERE

- Purchase puppy wipes.

Puppy Wipes Click Here

 - Purchase Nutrical, and give it twice daily after meals (half the size of a dime) for the first month. It's always good to have Nutrical available at all times, as it helps control your puppy’s blood sugar level. Give it twice daily (once in the morning and once before bed after each meal) for at least a month period after receiving your puppy. If your puppy is not eating well, give a dab of Nutrical. Choose the Vétoquinol brand (refer to the link below), as this is the one we use. For Pomeranian, Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, and Maltese.

Nutrical Click HERE

- Purchase real maple syrup. Some puppies do not like Nutrical and prefer maple syrup, so it's good to have both available. For Pomeranian, Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, and Maltese.

Real Maple Syrup Click HERE

- Purchase Royal Canin Mousse food (see link below). You can use the wet food if your puppy refuses to eat its dry food. Always check the expiry date, and it's important to not give it at a cold temperature. Wait until the wet food reaches room temperature before feeding your puppy. Once you open the can of wet food, you need to refrigerate it.

Royal Canin Mousse Puppy Starter Click HERE

 On the pickup date:

- Pick up your puppy from the assigned airport.

- Feed your puppy as soon as you pick him/her up (3-4 tablespoons of dry food) every 4 hours for the first day, then switch back to 3 times daily on the second day, 2-3 tablespoons for each meal. Don't overfeed your puppy at pickup. You can give your puppy treats in between meals. It would be a great idea to wait 20-30 minutes after feeding your puppy before driving back home, as your puppy would need to do its business.

- Give a little dab (half the size of a dime) of Nutrical after each meal (twice daily). Rub it on your finger, and your puppy will lick it off (most puppies love it). If your puppy refuses to take the Nutrical, rub it on your puppy's gums. You can also put maple syrup in your puppy's water as an alternative. Give Nutrical if your puppy refuses to eat. For Pomeranian, Poodle.

Tips for Caring for Your New Puppy:

- Keep your puppy hydrated, but control their water intake. It's best to offer water after each meal and to use bottled water.

- Transport your puppy in a dog carrier (handbag) placed on the back seat during the drive home, with supervision. Bring pee pads and puppy wipes for convenience.

- Limit the number of people handling your puppy during the first few days. Your puppy needs at least three days of full rest, so keep them in an open-air playpen during this time. Only put them in the crate for bedtime, and provide a comfortable sleeping pad in both the crate and playpen. Keep a water dispenser attached to the crate where your puppy sleeps.

- Place pee pads in the playpen away from your puppy's food and change them regularly.

- Let your puppy get plenty of rest.

- Always place the dog carrier on the ground before opening it to prevent your puppy from falling from a high surface. Excited puppies may jump out without realizing they are on a high surface.

- Allow your puppy to rest for three days at home before going out or having visitors.

 After Receiving Your Puppy:

- Take your puppy to the vet for a general exam. Our puppies are examined by a governmental vet before travel and receive a health certificate and proof of vaccination. We recommend taking your new puppy to the vet on the third day of arrival.

- Do not give any additional booster shots for at least a month and a half after receiving your puppy. Only give the booster shot if the puppy has a good stool and not if they have loose stool.

- Wait until the fourth day after receiving your puppy to take them to the groomer, as travel can be stressful.

- Use treats and praise to encourage your puppy to use the pee pad.

- Keep in contact with us and let us know how things are going. We are always here to help and answer your questions.

- Deworm your puppy on the third day after delivery, using the recommended quantity for small breeds. Consult your vet for advice on how much your puppy needs.

- Avoid the Revolution brand external parasite treatment if you choose to treat your puppy for external parasites.

- Above all, ensure that your puppy eats well, drinks plenty of water, and gets enough rest. Monitor their food intake closely during the first month, as this is a crucial time for adjustment to their new environment. It is up to you to make your puppy's transition as smooth as possible.

- It is mandatory to obtain pet insurance once you receive your puppy. We recommend Nationwide Pet Insurance, as they offer a wellness plan.

Puppy-Proofing Your Home:

- Do not feed your puppy table food.

- Store cleaning supplies and medications in high cabinets out of reach.

- Keep doors and windows closed at all times.

- Put away small items that pose choking hazards.

- Keep sharp objects out of reach.

- Secure trash cans.

- Move poisonous plants out of reach.

Congratulations on your newest family member! May your precious puppy bring you joy and happiness.