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Why Is My Toy Pomeranian Moulting?

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There’s no denying it: the first time you locked eyes with your micro Pomeranian puppy, you were instantly swept off your feet by cuteness overload. The cause of your now heart-shaped and twinkly eyes? The luscious fluffy fur that makes these adorable pups stand out from the rest of the teacup canine population.

But, just like any doggy, your perfect little bundle of fluff will eventually start to show signs they’re about to shed their beautiful coat. Don’t panic—even though it might be easier said than done! This unfortunate crisis is perfectly normal during their lifespan. More importantly, rest assured that the overall health and wellbeing of your precious little companion isn’t compromised during this stage in their life. Here are three reasons why Pomeranian teacup puppies experience fur moulting:


The American Kennel Club suggests that Pomeranians need a full grooming every four to six weeks, including “bath, brushing, ears, nails, and anal glands,” as well as frequent brushing to prevent their fur from matting. However, be aware that excessive grooming can cause hair loss and even be painful for your pup.

Keep in mind that Pomeranians are seasonal shedders, so they will go through heavier periods. Simply brushing your puppy’s fur every other day will save you from having to clean up all of the shredded fur you’ll find around your home. It will also eliminate painful knots, excessive dirt, and loose dander in your teacup Pomeranian’s fur. Most importantly, a good brushing will revitalize your little diva or divo’s skin and fur. Who doesn’t love seeing the satisfied look on a perfectly relaxed pooch?

Seasonal Changes

Pomeranians have double coats that include a harsh textured outer coat and a soft, thick undercoat. Twice each year, Pomeranians will shed their thick undercoat—a process known as “blowing coat” that lasts anywhere from three to six weeks. This natural shedding can become a year-round issue for double-coated pups, like teacup Pomeranians, if they are kept indoors.

If you have a female toy Pomeranian, she will naturally experience total moulting because of hormonal changes after weaning her litter; this will occur when the little puffballs are six-eight weeks old. Within six months, your female toy Pomeranian will have her beautiful coat back.

However, if your adult Pomeranian has bald spots in their coat, you should consult a vet to ensure all’s well with your precious fluffball.

Puppy Uglies

As alarming as it may be to behold, your sweet little bundle of fur is likely to go through a development change called—dare we say it—puppy uglies, which is a natural process for this particular breed. Likened to children who lose their baby teeth, Pom pups are essentially shedding their baby fur in exchange for the distinctive, luxurious coat we all know and love. This process lasts anywhere from three to six months. Keep in mind that they will look scruffy, but by the tenth month, your toy Pomeranian should have their new fur coat.

Because of the excessive shedding, your micro Pomeranian’s fur will change colour by a few shades. For example, a white Pom puppy will parade a new cream-coloured coat after it has shed its baby fur. Rest assured, many types of dogs go through this process as they age, so it’s nothing to worry about.

A Toy Pomeranian Pal For Life

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