Shipping Services

Option One: Air Cargo

This option is the most popular.

The Air Cargo option will require your puppy to be picked up at the airport closest to you.

The Air Cargo has a space specially designated just for pets.

Therefore, it is safe and temperature controlled (air conditioned) for your new puppy.

For many years, Foufou’s Puppies has worked with Air Cargo and we have never experienced any accidents. All puppies were delivered promptly.

When all payments are finalized, the flight will be booked.

After booking the flight, an agent from the Cargo will contact you via telephone to confirm the flight.

The agent will also inform you with the time and date of the arrival of your puppy.

The final step is to simply pick up your puppy from the closest assigned airport. There is a handling fee and duty fees that must be paid at the airport

You will receive the puppy within 2-4 weeks from the date the payment is finalized.

Option Two: Personal Delivery

One of our caring and competent In Flight nannies will take the utmost care of your baby from pick up all the way to delivery. This service can be booked for the puppy to be delivered to any location.

This option will require extra charges depending on destination. Delivery time depends on the availability of the inflight nanny. Express inflight nanny delivery is available. Ask us for a quote.

Why does the delivery process take 2-4 weeks?

All puppies must be checked by the vet after the payment is finalized and the lab results may take a few days. When the lab results are in, we will prepare your puppy for travel. Please keep in consideration that the delivery process may vary from country to country as rules and regulations also vary.

Contact us for further details +1403-836-5552

Non-direct Flights Cities

Nanny service is required for non-direct flights for the puppy’s security reasons.

For non-direct flights, pick up at other airports is available.