About Us

Our Goal

Foufou’s teacup puppies strives in bringing home to you the most exclusive and tiniest size teacup puppies with stellar health and for each one of them, their own amazing personality. Foufou’s Teacup Puppies offers luxury, one in a million micro-teacups of the highest quality and standards. Our goal is to gain each customer’s trust and build a bond by providing accurate test results and delivering a healthy puppy.

Under the skilled medical team our teacup puppies never had any issues detected.

It is because our puppies are NOT from a filthy condition, such as a puppy mill.

We do not support any puppy mills.

Our puppies are from our partnered, reputable South Korean breeders, that have over 100 years of breeding knowledge and experience passed on from generation to generation. The Connoisseurs in breeding. They love their dogs and provide a clean happy environment for their puppies.

Each puppy is handled by people and loved until they find a new owner.

Where We Are

Our business office is located in Laval, QC Canada.

We do not have any puppies for viewing at this office location. Our puppies come from our partnered breeders.

Worldwide Shipping

Before deciding on your puppy, please check the pictures and videos from our website. After choosing your puppy, please follow the Purchasing and Shipping steps from the main menu. Receive your puppy within 2-4 weeks at your closest airport. If you reside in a city where the international airport doesn’t exist, or in a city where direct flights are unavailable, delivery to a different airport is possible with additional cost.

foufoupuppies.com only uploads the puppy we have on hand. We do NOT use photoshop to visually alter the appearance of the puppy. We are also against using a stock photo to give wrong impression of the actual puppy you will receive